SEIN makes investing easier with tools for understanding structured credit. We help investors,
advisory firms and issuers accurately value credit securities, increasing activity in this complex market.

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Simplify your process

  • Eliminate the need to integrate various data providers
  • Share forecast assumptions seamlessly across your entire organization
  • Reduce processing time for batch runs
  • Integrate front and back office on a single platform
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Foster a dialog

  • Enhance your competitive advantage by providing customers with the tools they need to make better informed investment decisions
  • Enable your customers to update assessment assumptions dynamically
  • Communicate with your customers more effectively by providing a simpler framework
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Engage your investors

  • Expand your investor base by reducing barriers to entry
  • Make it easier for your investors to integrate monthly reports into their systems
  • Enable a rich dialogue on performance and structural nuances
  • Increased deal transparency and promote market acceptance
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Key Features

Completely integrated open architecture

Built on a secure enterprise framework

Can be deployed on a private or public cloud

Parallel processing for enhanced performance